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It seems that much has happened since I last wrote.
I went to NYC from Monday until yesterday. We stayed on Staten Island but took the ferry to Manhattan every day. We spent about 9 or 10 hours walking every day. So very tiring. I slept well. Pretty much every tourist attraction that is there we went to. Empire state building, twin towers, world trade center, times square, washington square park, etc. We didn't go to the statue of liberty but we saw it every day from the ferry. Everyone has been asking me what my favorite part of the trip was and that is a very hard question. Everything was my favorite. Seeing the city lit up at night from the top of the empire state building was really really great. The view of the Manhattan skyline from the ferry was just as good. And the seaport was a fun place. A definite highlight was seeing Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones while they were filming Men In Black 2. We got chased by a bum and had our palms read by a one-toothed old man and got rapped to on the ferry by some guys (Supreme, haha). The guys on the ferry were funny because they said they were from Manhattan but they kept making the west side symbol and saying "Cali, LA" and stuff like that. They were weird but entertaining. Anyway. Enough about NYC.
Aunt Mary Jo had her baby while we were gone. That makes 9 children. It was a little girl and she was born on July 3. Her name is Kateri Terese. Kateri is the first Native American to become a saint and her name is a form of Katherine. I think it's pretty.
Oh yeah, family reunion sucked. BORING. Hugs and kisses from people who seem like strangers. I hate that. The Rochester/Penn/Canada part of my family and the NYC part of my family totally separated themselves. It was stupid. But I had fun swinging with Erwin and my little cousins (the ones I know).
So now it's time to eat dinner because I'm starving and I worked 8 hours today and I'm still exhausted from the trip. Bye for now.
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