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I spent 8 and a half hours in the emergency room last night. My dad was having chest pains all day and finally it got so bad we took him there, me Jim and Mike. They were really busy so it took awhile. Pretty boring but at least my dad is ok. We got home at 4am and he had to get up and go to work this morning. Poor guy got no sleep.
Today me and Jim went to Best Buy. I bought 4 CDs, I figured I had to make up for not buying a CD in like 4 years. I got the Roots, Pharoah Monch, De La Soul, and 112. In the car on the way home I opened them all and found that the De La Soul one was empty. No CD. So we turned around and went back to Best Buy to get a new one. Turns out I got the very last one in the store so I just got my money back. Then we went to Guitar Center. Coolest place ever. If you haven't been there then go just because you can play with the synthesizers. Didn't get anything there, just played. Stopped at Irond. Mall on the way home to get some food and a freaky movie called Gummo. So that's my day so far. Later tonight I'm taking Erwin's little sister and Marielle and Elizabeth bowling and I think Amy is coming too. It should be fun....
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