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people suck

well no one actually cares what I have to say. It seems that if I say anything to anyone, no matter what it is, they always disagree or argue or tell me I'm wrong or something like that. Example... conversation between me and someone who shall remain nameless...

me: I like the lamp in that corner.
someone: No you can't put it there. I doesn't work.
me: I was just saying I think it looks good.
someone: No it looks terrible.

I love when people tell me no. I have an opinion but apparently it's not valid. That's just mean. And when I try to tell someone something that's important to me they brush it off and start telling me about their problems. All I ever hear is complaining. And if I ever try to talk about my problems the subject gets quickly changed or the person ignores me. That's not right. I want to tell some people what I really think of them. How selfish and egotistic they are. It makes me sick. Ugh. I'm so sick of people right now. Good thing I don't have to work today. I'd be a bitch.
I really need Erwin back. He's the only one I think that really and truly cares about me. Enough to be there though the tears and ALWAYS listen. I love him.
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