Christine (teeny01) wrote,


Canisius is cool. I'm glad I chose it.
The orientation was boring mostly because of the presentations. They all repeated themselves way too much. My classmates are alright. There's alot of slutty and bitchy girls but there's a good amount of normal ones too. The guys seem normal for the most part, although I didn't hang out with as much of them as I did with the girls. What can you expect from someone who has been going to school with all girls since 7th grade? I'll get used to it though. I met this girl there named Erin and we are both majoring in elementary education. She's really nice and we got along so well we decided to be roommates. What a relief to know that I have someone good to room with next year. Looking at some of the girls there that I could have been stuck with, I am SO glad I found Erin. One of the guys she works with is also going to Canisius. His name is Adrian. He was nice so we hung out with him. Jan didn't find anyone to room with but I think it will work out fine for her. Even if she gets stuck with someone terrible she won't have to spend alot of time with her. She can hang out with me and Erin.
So they made us split into teams to play some Olympics. I was on the black team and Jan was on the pink team but she decided to go with me since both our teams sucked and we wanted to at least be together. Well the girl in charge somehow knew we went to high school together and she purposely made it so no one from the same school was on the same team so she moved me to the red team even though I was really on black and Jan was on pink. Anyway it worked out for the best becase the red team won every event. Woo hoo! My team always loses so that was exciting. Then we went inside for some karaoke. It was funny and boring at the same time. The best part was when some guy got on top of the table while singing Nsync's Bye Bye Bye and started doing the dance to it. He won the karaoke contest. $50 for making a fool of yourself isn't too bad.
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