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good times

Last night had to be one of the coolest nights I've had in a long time. Every minute of it was so fun and interesting.
First, Erwin came over and then Katie came over. We drove to Erwin's house and waited for Jeremy to get there. Our plans were to go to the planetarium to see the laser light show. We got to the planetarium half an hour early so we had some time to kill. Erwin spotted some steps behind an open gate so he decided to run up them to see what was up there. We all followed him up to the top. When we finally got up there we saw two guys and a HUGE telescope. They let us look through the telescope at the moon. It was awesome. I've never seen the moon so up close before. It was really bright. The guys were cool and nice so we decided to go back up every Saturday because they said they would be there. Towards the end of the summer Mars will be visible so I'm looking forward to that. While we were up there we leaned over the edge and waved at one of the security guards. He told us not to jump because he didn't feel like catching anyone.
So we went back down the stairs and bought our tickets to the laser light show. There was hardly anyone else there besides a bunch of old people. I guess we were being a little rowdy because the couple in front of us moved. Oh well, we were having a great time. Some of the highlights of the show were the popcorn song and the Kung Fu fighting song. The Popcorn song by Hot Butter was funny because the screen of the planetarium starting filling up with giant sized popcorn. It looked so cool I felt like I was sitting at the bottom of a popcorn bowl. The Kung Fu fighting song was hilarious because they tried to make the laser light men move and fight but they didn't do a very good job. We basically made fun of the entire show so we were laughing the whole time. It was so fun.
After the show we were getting kinda tired so we went to Java's for coffee. Katie and I got some super caffeinated chocolate icy thing. It was really good. The boys got something else that didn't look as good. We saw Colista and Frederika there which was unexpected but cool. Here's the major funny thing that happened there. We sat right in front of the smoking room so there was a glass wall between us and them. Right on the other side of the glass there was some guy sitting there doing a bunch of paperwork. He kept looking up and staring at us so we were talking about him and making jokes and stuff until we realized that he could probably hear us. Jeremy decided to find out if he could so he said "Hey guys, see that guy sitting behind us on the other side of the glass? I think he's gay." Right after he said that the guy looked up at us and gave us a dirty look. He could hear everything we said. It was funny. At that point we decided it was time for us to leave.
We went back to Erwin's house and the four of us hung out in his room. Katie and I decided to dance for the boys since we learned a new dance in class yesterday. We weren't very good because we kept forgetting the moves. We got laughed at a lot but it was really fun anyway. Then Erwin got his video camera. We turned off all the lights so it was completely dark in there and we couldn't see each other. That's when the fight began. Not a real fight though, a play fight that was more like wrestling. First Katie somehow got her hands around my neck and started to strangle me. Then she body slammed me onto the bed and we started kicking at each other. I reached my hand up and slapped her right across the face. She went flying and hit her head on the wall. She got up, grabbed my leg and dragged me off the bed. I fell to the floor with a thud as she kicked me in the back. That's when she proclaimed victory. I think the funniest thing about it was that we couldn't see each other because it was so dark. I was laughing hysterically the whole time which was why I didn't fight back much.
By that time it was 1:30 in the morning so we decided to leave. I drove Katie home and we were both still caffeinated so it was an exciting ride.

So that was my amazing Saturday night. Actually those were just the highlights of it. I think the best part was the conversations. We were all being really funny. We laughed A LOT. I can't really remember anything specific now though.

Anyways, I hope everyone else had a good Saturday too :)
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